Friends of Woodlawn Cemetery
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Woodlawn Cemetery was established in 1817 on one acre of land originally owned by Owen Brown, father of the abolitionist John Brown. Over the years several additions were made, and Woodlawn now covers approximately 34 acres. At this time over 14,000 are interred in the cemetery.

Woodlawn Cemetery is a Union Cemetery, owned and operated jointly by the City of Wadsworth and Wadsworth Township. It is operated from revenues acquired mainly from the sale of lots, interments and subsidies from the City of Wadsworth, Wadsworth Township and Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.

Woodlawn Superintendents (formerly Sextons) were:
John Kyle 1873-1905
R S Tyler 1905-1907
S V Hostetler 1907-1910
R S Wall 1910
Warren Everhard 1910-1945
Fred Oppliger 1945-1976
Pete Rodich 1979-1984
Paul Pavkov 1994-1999
Denny Kreider 1999-2013
Cort Labo 2013-2020
Jim Billups 2021-2023
Brian Jones 2023-Current

Sources: Wadsworth City Website; Incidental Items of Historical Interest About Wadsworth Ohio by Caesar A Carrino

City lots that make up Woodlawn Cemetery

Aaron Pardee (1808-1898) First Mayor of Wadsworth
Aaron Pardee (1808-1898) - Find A Grave Memorial

Don Albert Pardee (1837-1919) Civil War Union Brigadier General
Don Albert Pardee (1837-1919) - Find A Grave Memorial

Sylvia Beach (1800-1824) Cenotaph of young women lost in woods and never found
Sylvia Beach (Unknown-1824) - Find A Grave Memorial

Vernon V Isham (1905-1957) Educator & Namesake of Isham Elementary
Vernon V Isham (1905-1957) - Find A Grave Memorial